Where is Ravenna Italy? And how to get there?

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Ravenna is located 190 km northeast to Firenze, and 84Km northeast to?Bologna. You can get to Ravenna by train, car or bus in less than 1 hour. You can also come from Rome, Venice, and Rimini as well by train, bus or by renting a car.?

Though Ravenna was the capital of the old Byzantine Empire of Italy in the 5th century AD, today it still rocks the mind of the visitors and tourists from all over the world by its amazing historic relic. So if you think where is Ravenna Italy, and want a quick answer:

You can find flight details to one of the above destinations in our flights to Ravenna guide.

How to get to Ravenna Italy:

By air: You can take a flight to Ravenna and get to Bologna’s airport ‘ or Rimini airport. There are also lines from Rome to Ravenna.?

By Car: The highways/ road that penetrate the Ravenna are SS16, SP68, SP1, SR71, SS309, etc in the city. The roads are well connected with the other local roads. It’s very much worth it to drive with your loved one in the Ravenna. Or you may rent a car and enjoy the road trip throughout Italy.

By Bus:??you can come to Ravenna by bus and the most recommended way is from Bologna to Ravenna. A ticket will cost something around 14 euros and it should take 1 hour of the journey.

How to get to Ravenna italy

By Cruise: Similarly, if you thinking of visiting the Ravenna by cruise, your location will be ‘Porto Corsini waterfront’. It?s next to the Marina di Ravenna. The place is just 12 km or 20-minute drive from the city center. You may have the taxies or buses between the port and the city. The nearest beach is also a tourist location for sure. You can read more about Ravenna cruise port.

By train?-You can come directly to Ravenna train station from Rimini, Bologna, and Venice.

Ravenna railway station or the Stazione di, Ravenna is the nearest railway station for the city of Ravenna. The station serving the city since 1863 & successfully achieved its part in the Ferrara?Rimini railway! You can

So you may see that getting to Ravenna can be very easy l. You just have to think the way you want to travel and the magic happens automatically.

Popular paths to come to Ravenna:

There are a few popular paths that are more popular with tourists ;

Rome to Ravenna

You can do this journey by car, train or flight to Rimini, and this path is the longest one and takes??4 hours and 19? minutes on average if you do it with a car.

Bologna to Ravenna

This line is natural for a lot of culture lovers that visit Bologna and want to give their trip more history, art and culture experience.

You can take a bus from Bologna to Ravenna that takes you directly to Ravenna’s center and it’s very recommended.

You can also do this trip by renting a car, or train.

Rimini? to Ravenna

Another recommended place to come from. and the advantage of Rimini is that you can take a flight to Airiminum airport and be in Ravenna in less than 1 hour!

Venice? ?to Ravenna

Coming from Venice to Ravenna? You can easily come via the train service and also use some pub shuttle?that will take you to the center of Ravenna for few Euros!

Final words

If you are looking for the cheapest and effective way to come to Ravenna you can always check the train service tickets that are more than recommended.


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