Where is Ravenna Italy

Though Ravenna was the capital of old Byzantine Empire of Italy in the 5th century AD, today it still rocks the mind of the visitors and tourists from all over the world by its amazing historic relic. So when thinking of where is Ravenna Italy, it’s now very clear today. It’s in the northeastern Italy, Emilia-Romagna region in the European Union. The Ronco and Montone rivers are the heart of this city. It has a Longitude of 12.201,210 and Latitude of 44.413,440. The city is 9 Meter over sea level and has a population over 80,000.


How to get to Ravenna Italy:

By air: The easiest way to come to the Ravenna Italy is by air. The local Ravenna Airport is serving the Ravenna city. It’s just 8 km away from the Ravenna city!  If you are an international passenger, then “Federico Fellini International Airport” is your choice. It’s just 69 Km away from Ravenna.

By road: The highways/ road that penetrate the Ravenna are SS16, SP68, SP1, SR71, SS309, etc in the city. The roads are well connected with the other local roads. It’s very much worth it to drive with your loved one in the Ravenna. Or you may rent a car and enjoy the road trip throughout Italy.

By Cruise: Similarly, if you thinking of visiting the Ravenna by cruise, your location will be ‘Porto Corsini waterfront’. It’s next to the Marina di Ravenna. The place is just 12 km or 20-minute drive from the city center. You may have the taxies or buses between the port and the city. The nearest beach is also a tourist location for sure.


By railway: Ravenna railway station or the Stazione di Ravenna is the nearest railway station for the city of Ravenna. The station serving the city since 1863 & successfully achieved its part in the Ferrara–Rimini railway! In addition, this railway also connects Ravenna with Faenza & Castelbolognese conjointly.


So you may see that- How to get to Ravenna Italy is not a problem at all. You just have to think the way you want to travel and the magic happens automatically.


Cities near Ravenna:

In Italy, it’s hard not to find an ideal historic relic or architecture in its cities. The Cities near Ravenna have not come behind. Some of the well known Cities near Ravenna are- Russi- 14 km / 8.7 miles away, Alfonsine- 15.9 km / 9.9 miles away, Bagnacavallo- 17.3 km / 10.8 miles away, Fusignano- 19.7 km / 12.3 miles away, Cotignola- 20.8 km / 12.9 miles away,  Cervia- 21.2 km / 13.2 miles away, Bologna- 68 km / 42.2 miles, Florence- 103.9 km / 64.6 miles away, Padova- 113.3 km / 70.4 miles, Venice- 113.7 km / 70.7 miles away, Verona- 148 km / 91.9 miles away, etc.


The Cities near Ravenna have something common in nature. They will welcome you similarly in the italic culture and provide you the hospitality you won’t able to forget. The truism is another successful key for the economic boom for the cities. For the, you will find nice and world-class hotels and restaurants in the Ravenna or Cities near Ravenna. The charming way of Italian hospitality will keep you speechless and astonished for the time.


Ravenna Italy map:

As the Ravenna Italy is 652.89 km2 or 252.08 sq mile of area of beautiful and historical place containing city, so you need some maps to navigate in the city for well. It’s also a necessary tool for any tourist, thus any con artist or scammer cab driver won’t able to scam you for the money. You may buy the hard copy of a map of Ravenna in the airport or train station or any famous sops. Everyone has a smart-phone today, and the Google is the leading player of any service provider, so you may rely on the Google Maps you can find in your android phone. For iPhone users, Google maps are also applicable but they may use some famous apps like MapQuest, VZ Navigator, Ultimate Transit App, etc. The GPS and smart map will help you to navigate easily while you are traveling in a rental car or something similar like that. The Ravenna Italy map is very helpful to find or provide the location information, proper road information, ATMs, etc. Almost anything you need while traveling can be found on the maps. It’s equally important that you should have a Ravenna Italy map, while you are visiting the place.

Likewise, when you are visiting the Ravenna Italy, make sure to check the ratings and reviews of local hotels and restaurants. Above all, the local people trying their best to keep the street free of scammers, but maybe you may come to head to head with one of them. Travel with the reputed and official travelers and stay o the official hotels to avoid the scams. The Ravenna Italy welcomes you for a present experience.

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