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The beautiful city of Ravenna is situated in the province of Emilia Romagna in the northern part of Italy. Being a rich a cultural and architectural hub of Italy since the middle age, it has become of the most tourist destination as well. Its legacy of glory and tradition has all started in the 3rd century when it used to be the capital of the Roman Empire (West). You may wonder what is so special about this town made us writing this article. The answer to this lies in the next few lines.


The Ravenna Festival is one of the few global music and art carnival, where you will witness the best performances of all genres, be it Jazz, Ballet or pure classical. This mighty festival is observed in the city during the summer between May to July. Secondly, the stunning mosaic tiles of the historic ages will mesmerize your eyes. Each and every tile of the remnants depicts the marvels of Byzantine and Romanian art. Moreover, there are eight UNESCO world heritage sites in this city, which speaks of its architectural excellence. Furthermore, there are numerous world-class beaches, resorts, amusement parks, making your holiday a glorious one.


We hope, in this article, we will cover all the important attraction of the city of Ravenna. Our sole intention is to guide you to witness the real charm and feel of each site so that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.


Right through the articles, we have discussed all the unique features of this historic town, which are enough to explain why Ravenna should be at the top of the list of tourist destinations! If we talk about the unique characteristic of this city, it is obviously the stunning mosaic arts. Being well-connected to the Adriatic Sea and situated beside the canal city Venice, it has emerged as a cultural hub of Italy since the Middle Ages.

The first notable fusion of Gothic arts and Byzantine style was found here. Each and every sculpture and inscription of the monuments speak of its excellence. Ravenna is the city of Roman Baptisms as well with some significant historic churches of Italy. The world-famous writer Dante’s Tomb make Ravenna a must visit for the arts and literature admirers. Although it is a small town in Northern Italy, it has eight different sites enlisted under the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Our conclusive discussion will remain incomplete if we don’t mention the glorious Ravenna Festival. This colorful annual music and dance festival have enriched Ravenna’s cultural significance to a great extent. This carnival is a must visit for all the music lovers irrespective of their taste. It is such a place where you can visualize every form of art’s of Europe at once and the delicious Italian cuisine will be like a cherry on top of it.? So do visit Ravenna and explore the world of arts.


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