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Ravenna is a city in Italy, which is full of ancient churches, amusement parks, natural parks and, seasides. It is a very famous place for traveling and gathering historical information. Here we go through some places which must be visited if anyone is traveling to Ravenna.

HISTORY: Ravenna was the capital of the ancient Roman Empire from 402-476. It is situated in Northern-Italy. The name ?Ravenna? comes from the word ?Roseanna.? It is an inland city, connected through the Adriatic Sea & Canadian Canal. It is the city of having 8 UNESCO world heritage sites.

CLIMATES: In Ravenna, MAY-SEPTEMBER is the pleasant weather. Accordingly, the warmest month is August. The wettest month is October and the coldest month is January. It is also the driest month.

VISITING PLACES: Ravenna is full of ancient churches, amusement parks, natural parks and also seaside?s. Here are some highest rated visiting places.

If you have just one day in Ravenna, you should visit one of these great places. please click on each one of them to check opening hours and rates.

BASILICA SAN VITALE: It is the highest rated also oldest structure among churches in Italy, made in Byzantium era. It contains the most exquisite mosaics from the ground to ceiling, in Europe. The fine art by the ancient artists helps to refresh your historical knowledge.

MAUSOLEO DI GALLA PLACIDIA: It is the museum, made in 5 TH centuries. The special attraction of this place is sky colored mosaics on the ceiling. The arts in the wall are about the life circle of Jesus Christ.

ARCHIEPISCOPAL MUSEUM: It is the highest rated museums, among all of ancient Italy, in the record of world?s heritage sites. Here we can see the art of the famous Italian artist ?Lucca Longhi? at 16TH centuries. The mosaics depict Jesus Christ as a warrior and carrying the cross like battering ram.

CASTELLO ESSENCE: It is the famous castle of 14 TH centuries. The renowned architect BARTOLINO DA NOVARA has constructed this castle. Here we can see the chambers of the king, the cells of prisoners, the hidden places, the living rooms and, the kitchen, etc.

BASILICA DI SAN FRANCISCO: It is the oldest Catholic Church in Ravenna. It was built at 10 TH centuries. The interiors of mosaics are very attractive with the stone Colaj in the wall.

MIRABILANDIA: It is the most famous amusement park in Ravenna well known for its 50 different items of riding things, Europe?s fastest and tallest Roller Coaster, tallest Merry-Go-Round, waterslides, and artificial sea. It covers more than 40 Hectares of lands. Besides these, there is an available 4-D show, magic show and, a dolphin show.

HAPPY VALLEY KART: It is the famous place for Kart racing. The circuit is ideal for Kart Racing, and also Moto-GP Racing. Here one can see the race as an audience and also participate in the competition as a contestant.

OLTREMARE: It is also a famous amusement park in Ravenna. Here the evolutions of living beings are shown as realistic. It is adventurous through walking on rope bridges, and also plays with water cannon. The ?DARWIN FOREST? is a small evaluated science-forest is situated in the park. The place is very interesting for children and adults as a science lover.

TRANSPORT: Many highways connect Ravenna directly by highways. The Cab service is available all over Italy on when and then. The railway service provides a high-speed journey at the economic rate. The bus route is also useful as intercity service.

HOTELS AND RESORT: There are many 5-stars, 3-star hotels and also many lodges with pleasant living conditions with food and living equipment. The service is also excellent as well as their ratings.

So accordingly there are many places in Ravenna, which is not only the sign of beauty but also it creates the sweet memories while traveling. So for the reasons the sites must not be missed while a person is raveling Ravenna, the city of mosaics.


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