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Rome to Ravenna

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Quick answer,? the best options to travel between Rome to Ravenna:

By Train: ?Roma Tiburtina? which is offered by railway company ?Trenitalia? has the high-speed train service from 6:30 A.M. It has a cost of 14 Euros.

By Bus ?FIXBUS? gives the bus service through economic rate through 40 stops.

By Cub: It takes about 4 hours and 19 minutes by cab via A1/E35 and SS3BIS route.

By Boat There was a ferry service between two cities, but it is no longer running.

ROME is the capital of Italy, well known for its ancient civilizations, architecture tips, famous poets and artists from the period of ?RENESAS.? In 753 BC Rome was founded as a Vatican City, for Catholic Churches. Moreover, it has a position of 8Th for populations all over the world.


There is a distance between ROME & RAVENNA of 354 Kilometers. The travel time varies if you travel via different roads. Like- It will take 4-h 19 min (354.0 km) via SS3bis, and 4-h 27 min (367.9 km) via A1/E35 and SS3bis, And 4-h 44 min (457.4 km) if traveled via A24 and A14 – Autostrada Adriatica/A14 highway.


?Colosseum?, ?St. Peter’s Basilica?, ?Roman Forum?, ?Pantheon?, ?Trevi Fountain?, ?Vatican Museums?, ?Sistine Chapel?,? Piazza Navon?, ?Spanish Steps?, ?Castel Sant’Angelo?, ?Palatine Hill?, ?Villa Borghese gardens?, ?St. Peter’s Square?, ?Piazza Venezia?, ?Capitoline Museums?.

All of the visiting places are the symbol of ancient civilizations, and the superstructures model narrates the advanced building technology in the ancient period. The ?Colosseum? was the European largest amphitheater, where the bullfighting was situated between slaves.

Other side Rome is full of ancient churches, tombs, and towers. The art galleries denote the artistic senses of Italian artists.

The churches, Museums are fully furnished with marvels and also well maintained. You will even feel the touch of history with a modern marvel of science.

The roads are neat and clean, and also there is a strict traffic rule all over the ROME. If anyone hires an intercity cab, it will show you the most famous places all over the ROME.

The night view is very attractive when all structure is lit up with mild yellow crafty light, and sometimes there is organized a light show. The fire balloons in the dark sky seem as thousand of fireflies.


Not only these places are suitable for traveling, but also those places are appropriate for the photo shoot and film suiting. The famous Italian Restaurants with outstanding Italian food is always available at your service with economical rates.


There are various routes from ROME to RAVENNA, but it is the easiest and fastest route through Railway to travel. The cost of traveling is also less.

Moreover, ROME is ideal for traveling, gathering experience of travel. It is also a suitable place for history lover people. It gives a chance to match the book written information with the realistic one. Being the capital of Italy, it is carrying the fame of architecture and ITALIAN ancient civilization?s rating as high.

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