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Ravenna italy hotels- tourist guide

Ravenna Italy hotels

If you are reading this article you already did a great decision by coming to tour and see Ravenna, with over 150 hotels in the city we are here to help you do the right decision again and choose the best hotel for you.

Ravenna has some of the best hotels you will see in Emilia-Romagna. There are 5 stars hotels in Ravenna that will suit your budget. Whether you are a couple, traveling alone or with your children, there are many hotels in Ravenna to accommodate you and your traveling party.

We worked really hard and did a deep research to help you, so we hope that you enjoy and benefit from this article. If you have any questions you can always contact us.

For those of you that wonder what are the best hotels in Ravenna, luxury hotels Ravenna Italy, boutique hotels Ravenna or even cheap hotels in Ravenna you can find here complete guide that will help you do the right decision.

Please note: The pricing of the hotels depends on seasons.

We checked the best hotel for a specific need. You can find the best hotels on the beach of Lido di Salvio that is located 20 km from Ravenna,  the hotel with the best location in the center of Ravenna, best hotel in Ravenna for families, and the perfect hotel for couples. We also add the best boutique hotel in Ravenna and the most luxurious hotel in the area.

Quick answer : The best hotels in Ravenna:

  1. Casa Masoli
  2. M club
  3. Palazzo Bezzi
  4. Albergo Cappello
  5. Santa Maraia Foris
  6. Cebtrale Byron
  7. Grand Hotel Mattei
  8. Hotel Classensies
  9. Albergo Cenni
  10. Aca’demia 



The best hotels in the center of Ravenna :

Quick answer: The best hotles in ravenna:

  1. Casa Masoli
  2. M club
  3. Palazzo Bezzi
  4. Albergo Cappello
  5. Santa Maraia Foris
  6. Centrale Byron
  7. Grand Hotel Mattei
  8. Hotel Classensies
  9. Albergo Cenni
  10. Aca’demia 



M club- The Best boutique hotel in Ravenna




Palazzo Bezzi  – The Most Romantic hotel in Ravenna


Albergo Cappello- The Best cheap solution

If you love luxury, you will love Albergo Cappello. Just like Hotel Centrale Byron, Albergo Cappello is located in the center of Ravenna. The rooms are tastefully designed with original 15th-century frescoes, Murano glass chandeliers and the ceiling set against modern flat-screen TVs.Albergo Cappello boost of an amazing restaurant that serves ample breakfast which features pastries from Ravenna’s finest pasticceria. They also have wine bar attached. You can walk to Galla Placidia Mausoleum and San Vitale Basilica from this hotel. Additionally, the Ravenna Train Station is just 700 meters away.  The rooms have Wi-Fi, parquet floors, and satellite flat-screen TVs. You will definitely enjoy it here. You can walk to the best locations in Ravenna when you lodge in Albergo Cappello.


Here are more highly recommended Hotels in the center of Ravenna:

Hotel Centrale Byron

Right in the heart of Ravenna is Hotel Centrale Byron. The perfect location of this 5-star hotel makes it best for tourist of all types. No matter your mission in Ravenna, you can go about your business from this hotel easily. The location made the hotel to integrate easily with the streets of central Ravenna. The hotel is car-free and there are only a few hotels in Italy that are comparable to Hotel Centrale Byron. The rooms are quite large. In fact, you can play football in these rooms. You will get access to en-suite rooms with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning system. The floors are well-decorated with carpet. You will enjoy a sweet and savory buffet and Italian cuisines which are served daily.

Feel like shopping? Hotel Centrale Byron is located close to shopping area and the Alighieri Theatre. Indeed, Hotel Centrale Byron is one of the best hotels to stay in Ravenna.


Grand Hotel Mattei


Grand Hotel Mattei is conveniently situated just outside of Ravenna but very close to Mirabilandia. This four-star hotel has everything you need to enjoy your stay in Ravenna. It is a modern hotel with a captivating decor and a unique atmosphere. Their beds are really large and you will also have access to a modern wellness center. Grand Hotel Mattei is just a 5-minute drive from Ravenna city center.  This hotel also provides free parking and free Wi-Fi.

No need to worry about breakfast while you are in this hotel. They serve a large continental buffet for breakfast from their Nonna Zina restaurant. You can also catch lunch and dinner or delight yourself with Italian Cuisine in this restaurant.

You can unwind in the hotel’s large hot tub, sauna and Turkish bath. From this hotel, you can visit the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and located just 5-minute drive away. No doubt, Grand Hotel Mattei is one of the best hotels in Ravenna.

Hotel Classensis

If you don’t want to miss out on anything during your stay in Ravenna, then you would love Hotel Classensis. This beautiful hotel is located so close to the Basilica di Sant’Apollinare in Classe, one of the best sights in Ravenna. Hotel Classensis is the best place to enjoy traditional cuisine from Emilia-Romagna and locally sourced products. The hotel has the nicest atmosphere and a garden for anyone looking for a quiet place.

Each room in this amazing hotel is double with en-suite facilities and wooden furnishings. If you are looking for something special with your hotel stay in Ravenna, you will truly love it here at Hotel Classensis. It is without a doubt, one of the best hotels in Ravenna.

Albergo Cenni

No matter your budget, Albergo Cenni has something special for you. We picked this hotel as one of our favorites and of course, as one of the best hotels in Ravenna due to the quality of their service.

Albergo Cenni has a single room, two-bedroom apartment, quadruple room, triple room, even double room for different budget sizes. Each room has free Wi-Fi which is also available in the bar. Other facilities to enjoy in the rooms include air conditioning and an early morning Italian-style breakfast that includes hot drinks and pastries. The breakfast is served at the bar located on the ground floor.

No matter the type of room you choose, you will enjoy free satellite flat-screen TV with SKY channels. If you want to visit the nearby theme parks including Mirabilandia while staying in Albergo Cenni, you will enjoy a special discount. No doubt, you will really enjoy your stay in this hotel.


B&B Villa Santa Maria Foris

Lа Rеunіоn

Casa mosili




Criteria to consider before choosing the right hotel in Ravenna

Before coming to Ravenna, the first thing you should do is to choose a hotel. Thankfully, Ravenna has some of the best hotels in Emilia-Romagna and indeed, in Italy. You won’t have a problem finding the best hotel to accommodate you and your traveling party. You just need to consider what you need available in your hotel and then choose the hotel that has those items.

Ravenna has over 100 hotels and guest houses. Thus, choosing the hotels can be daunting, but this article will help you to narrow down your choices.

Below are some factors you should consider when searching for the best hotels in Ravenna:


Like I mentioned above, Ravenna has some of the most amazing places to see in Emilia-Romagna. Thus, in order to get to see these places all at once or easily, I will recommend that you choose a hotel that is centrally located in Ravenna. If you have a special interest in any particular heritage center, cultural places or other sites, you can simply search for hotels that are located close to these sites.

However, in most cases, location doesn’t really matter because Ravenna has one of the best road networks and robust transportations system. You can make the location a priority when you need to walk to these places.


The great thing with hotels in Ravenna is that there is not so much difference between the 4-star hotels in Ravenna and the 5-star hotels in this city. Most of the hotels have the best facilities you can see in any hotel in Emilia-Romagna. However, it is still wise to check out the hotel amenities before booking a hotel in Ravenna. Nowadays, you need amenities such as free Wi-Fi,  air-conditioning, gym or a wellness center and even free breakfast. Most of the hotels in Ravenna offer these amenities. Some can even delight you in Italian cuisines and a free spa. You need to make your research to ensure your hotel has all the important amenities you want.


Depending on your need, you might like to have your hotel close to important city’s amenities such as Ravenna Train Station, Ravenna’s hospitals, and other important amenities in the city. There are some hotels in Ravenna that are very close to the amenities you want. This will save you money in transportation.


Most of the hotels in Ravenna serve free breakfast. Some also have restaurants where you can eat your lunch and dinner. If you want to save money while you are in Ravenna, choose a hotel that offers free breakfast. If you want to get a taste of Italian food, choose a hotel that has restaurants to serves Italian cuisine.


Don’t choose a hotel in Ravenna without first reading testimonials and reviews from the previous users. This will help you choose the best hotel. There are thousands of websites and forums such as tripadvisor.com where you can read hotel reviews. You will learn from people’s experiences and this will help you to choose the best hotel in Ravenna.

About Ravenna

One of the amazing cities you will never get tired of seeing in Italy is Ravenna. This city has a wonderful blend of culture, hospitality, sea, and lots of amazing places to visit. Ravenna is one of the best places in Emilia-Romagna region and it served as the capital of the Western Roman Empire from 402 to 476.

Ravenna is a perfect destination for families, couples, and even those with children. There are restaurants with tasty Italian cuisines in this town and a lot of other relaxation spots. You can arrive Ravenna from Bologna or other surrounding towns. Once you are in the city, the first thing to do is to look for a good hotel in Ravenna to settle down.

Without a doubt, Ravenna is the best Emilia-Romagna has to offer. This city is known for the colorful mosaics adorning most of the central buildings. Once you are in this city, you will be amazed by the culture, lifestyle, arts, religion, and even architecture. Everything in Ravenna is simply amazing; no wonder thousands of tourists trip into this city every year. From hotels to restaurants, to parks and even worship centers, you will see everything you are searching for in Ravenna.

The magnificence of Ravenna’s mosaics will leave you breathless. It is worthy of note that this city is the seat of sixth-century king Theodoric the Great and later, the seat of a Byzantine governor. You can still see all these cultural places and other amazing places once you are in Ravenna. This city has some of the best tourist attraction sites such as Neonian Baptistery, San Vitale, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Saint’Appllinare Novo, Basilica di San Francesco, National Museum and more.

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