Rimini to Ravenna

Rimini to Ravenna

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RIMINI is the city, which is situated on the Adriatic coast. It is famous for an old Franciscan church of 15 TH centuries and also for those archeological sites. In this part, we discuss how you can travel from Rimini to Ravenna and the point of interest on the way.



There is a distance of 58 Kilometers between two cities of 1 hour of traveling by car.



BY TRAIN: ?GO-EURO? railway service is available at the economic rate of 5 Euros.


BY BUS: The highway A14 keeps connecting by Bus service through the shuttle process.


BY CAR: The private cab is always available at service, but it is at a high price of hiring.


BY BOAT: There is also a ferry service through the Adriatic Sea, which is not so available on a day.




ITALIA IN MINIATURA: It is a famous natural park. There one can spend the holiday and also celebrate picnic with friends and families. There is a monorail service in the park.


FIABILANDIA: It is a famous amusement park with funny rides. It is also a water park for children?s and adults for having fun. There is an open buffet of seafood. Moreover, it is ideal for all.


ARCH OF AUGUSTUS: It is the symbol of a historical gate which tribute the great king Augustus.


BEACH VILLAGE: It is a beach-front build up with rides and natural parks. The various flowers create heaven like a place.


RIVERGREEN GOLF: It is a natural garden with trees and fountains. It is an ideal place for taking leisure.


AUGEO ART SPACE: It is a modern art museum full of famous artistic drawings


RIVIERA ROMAGNOLA:? It is a water park with artificial sea and lakes for chilling in the summer.


Moreover, RIMINI is also full of joy. In RIMINI we can see many ancient cathedral churches. The transport medium is also active. The ITALIAN foods are also famous in REMINI, especially the seafood.



It is the best route of the A14 highway for 1 hour of a comfortable journey of 58 Kilometers. But it’s not just the shortest route you want when you are traveling with your loved one or with friends; maybe you need the way that follows love and prosperous with that.


Accordingly, through travel reviews, RIMINI is ideal not only for its heritage but also for its amusement parks. It is situated on the coast of the ADRIATIC SEA, so average temperature is shown as the yearly weather report. The coast places are ideal for camping and log firing.

For those reasons to get the test of the sea-food buffet, the smell of red wine, served in ITALIAN manner helps your journey to be successful.

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