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Ravenna is a city in Italy is well known for its ancient architectures, beautiful mosaic interiors, and art historical paintings. Not only are these but also there some amusement parks and natural parks. Here we go through some places, which are the points of interests in Ravenna.


NEONIAN BAPTISTERY: It is the ancient Christian baptistery in Ravenna. It has the octagonal design and total of the complex is built of marvels from the ground to ceiling. The pictures on the wall denote Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles.


BASILICA DI SAN VITALE: It is a large octagonal central dome in shape. Here also we can see the Byzantine artwork of mosaics in interiors and even artistic designs on the wall of the dome.


MAUSOLEUM OF GALLA PLACIDIA: It is also a World famous heritage building. Here we can see the artworks of the king of the Roman Empire, Theodosius and his daughter Galla Placida. The mosaic work on ceiling defines the Eden Garden.


SANT? APOLLINARE NUOVO: It was built by the king Theodoric during 6 TH centuries. Here we can see the wall of these buildings is full of colored mosaics that depict Jesus miracles according to the Bible.


BASILICA DI SAN FRANCESCO: This church is significant because there are the tombs of famous peoples who have the essential roles in Italian civilization. It was created in the 9th century. The renowned bishop Liberia 4 is buried there.


MUSEO NAZIONALE RAVENNA: It is a national museum in Ravenna. It has the collections of ancient artworks. It is defined in 8 Heritage Sites of World.


TOMB OF THEODORIC: Here the King, Theodoric was buried. The structure is made of stones and has placed here for 1500 years. The roof of the structure is made of 300 ton Istrian stone.


MARINA DI RAVENNA: It is situated on the Adriatic Coast of Italy. Here we can see the charming coastal resorts. It is also full of beach bars, sailing boats, and restaurants. On the beach, we can get the sun, sea air, and even relaxation.


TOMB OF DANTE ALIGHIERI: The famous Italian poet Dante is buried here. He was famous for his works of literature in Italian cultures. The place is not only a tomb but also the definition of Dante?s contribution to Civilizations.


ARIAN BAPTISTERY: It is decorated entirely with religious structures. It was also built by the king Theodoric. Here we can see the baptistery of Jesus Christ with highly decorated ceiling mosaics.


SAN MARINO: It has the smallest population of 33 thousand. The famous mountain Titano is situated here. It is the wealthiest city. The famous cathedral is also located here.


CESENATICO: It is a long golden beach full of soft sand. The houses in the city are so colorful that distracts to click the photos.? Here we can see various coastal villages and resorts. The Diamanti Beach village is famous for camping, and Grand Hotel Cesenatico is placed with water parks.


PIAZZA DEL POPOLO: It is a delightful square in Ravenna. It is located at the center of historical buildings. The fantastic architectures become more pleasant at night views! There are also many restaurants with outdoor seating arrangements.


TRATTORIA LA RUSTICA: It is a famous local Cuisine, well known for its Italian foods, the glass of Red wine with a mild Italian instrumental song through the violin.


MIRABILANDIA: It is the famous amusement park. It has consisted of Europe?s tallest Ferry wheel and world?s largest Roller Coaster. Not only are these but also there many water slides, dolphin show, magic shows, and even an artificial sea beach


MIRABEACH: It is also a famous water park, consisted of water slides, beach theme, lagoon with a lazy river. It is situated at the coast on the Adriatic Sea.


SAFARI RAVENNA: Here we can see or take the safari by traveling on a train. The attractive things are to feed the animals and the reptile house.


DIVERTICAL: It is also a famous natural park with the suitable environment and even some rides.


RAVENNA ART MUSEUM: Here we can see the artistic senses through pictures of famous Italian artists from ancient periods to modern periods.


NATIONAL MUSEUM OF RAVENNA: Here also we can see the various and precious paintings, King used weapons and the other useful things of the Roman Empire.


So accordingly we can see the various places must not be missed, while you are traveling in Ravenna. These are the actual points of interests for which Ravenna is highly rated.


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