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If you are traveling at Ravenna or trying to plan your trip to this amazing city and wonder what is the best eating in Ravenna or if you have asked yourself what is the best restaurants in? Ravenna you can find here a complete guide of the best Ravenna Italy restaurants for your convenience.

But if you believe Ravenna is about mosaics, then you be confused. While there is no doubt that most visitors are here to marvel at the mosaics, you’ll be missing out if you did experience the culinary side of town. Additionally, the region is famed for Lambrusco, sparkling red wines, while the young, bold and fruity Sangiovese red wines give ideal accompaniments to meat, pasta, ?nd f?sh.

Your visit to Italy is not complete without tasting delicious Italian cuisine. In fact, I cannot even imagine that one will deliberately miss out on Italian cuisine when you found yourself in one of the lovely places in Italy such as Ravenna. Even in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the rest of Europe, thousands of people pay top dollar in order to get a taste of Italian foods in these countries.

While you are in Ravenna, you will have an amazing opportunity to taste these foods right from the source. In fact, Ravenna restaurants make the best Italian foods. Ravenna has reputation for the hospitality of its local and its truly fine food. Some of the foods you must try in these restaurants include Italian spaghetti, Bigoli, Ribollita, Risi e bisi, Tortellini en Brodo, Canederli, Osso buco Alla Milanese, Cacciucco, and hundreds of other tasty foods.

With hundreds of good restaurants scattered in Ravenna, it can be hard choosing the best ones. However, we have narrowed the list down for you to the 5 of the most amazing restaurants in Ravenna. No matter what you are looking for, you will definitely find it in one of these restaurants.

So here is the list of the best restaurants in Ravenna Italy? ? :


????ug? s?rv?s fr?sh f?sh ?n ?r??t?v?, m?d?rn ?nd t?st? d?sh?s. ?h? f??d ?s ????m??n??d b? ? w?n? l?st th?t ?s b?th r??h ?nd fl???bl?. A Michelin-starred restaurant, Acciuga also serves credits in addition to regional olives oils and great-quality vegetables. The Italian term for the anchor, Acciuga proposes three distinct kinds of anchovies which may be enjoyed either independently or as an excellent accompaniment to their dishes. From our encounter with most tourists that visited Ravenna, most of them say so far L?Acciuga is the best. When ask for their reasons; they confirmed L?Acciuga serves the best fishes in Italy. It is no doubt; this restaurant serves fresh, modern, creative, and tasty fishes.Each food they serve you in L?Acciuga is accompanied by a rich and flexible list of wines.? This restaurant also serves regional olive oils, great-quality vegetables, and crudit?s. You will definitely be back after experience tasty foods from L?Acciuga kitchen.

Osteria del Tempo Perso

Osteria del Tempo Perso is housed in what used to be an osteria and includes a dcor that is rustic but refined, welcoming and warm. The menu is based on the current season and boasts some terrific ingredients whose value is enhanced by the creativity of the chef.Personally, I love this restaurant because of the welcoming and warm atmosphere and the decorations. This place used to be an osteria before it was turned into a restaurant and a fine one at that. If you are in Ravenna and looking for the best restaurant in the city, you must definitely give this place a try. Their menu is usually based on the current season. Thus, you won’t miss out on any seasonal food when you are in L?Osteria del Tempo Perso. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for the best restaurant in Ravenna.

Antica Trattoria Al Gallo 1909

This Liberty-styled restaurant dated back to 1866 but was destroyed during the Second World War. The building was rebuilt and used once more like a restaurant to continue the familial tradition of hospitality and cooking. The menu varies according to the season and uses typical local produce like pinewood asparagus, truffle, game and local fish.

?l ??r?h?? d?? G?l?s?

Dr?w?ng ?ns??r?t??n fr?m th? m?st ??l?br?t?d ?t?l??n ???ts D?nt? ?l?gh??r?, wh?s? r?m??ns ?r? bur??d ?n R?v?nn?, ?l ??r?h?? dei Golosi is a space where all people who love eating can dedicate themselves to the enjoyment of this essential activity.
?ddr?ss: v??l? G??rg?? ??ll?v???n? 2, R?v?nn?, ?t?l?, 39 392 1602560

?r?tt?r?? Fl?r?

?r?tt?r?? Fl?r? s?rv?s l???l, g?nu?n? d?sh?s ?n ? f?m?l??l ?tm?s?h?r?. It is situated just outside Ravenna. Therefore it has an extremely convenient location for people that are traveling to or from this city in Emilia-Romagna.

Osteria al Boschetto

Mentioned in the prestigious Michelin guide, this osteria is found in the province of Ravenna, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Customers are welcomed in the outdoor area, with a beautiful garden which guarantees an unmatched peace and calm, or indoors where the accommodating staff and warm d???r m?k? gu?sts f??l ?t h?m?. ?h? m?nu ?ff?rs b?th f?sh ?nd m??t, w?th d?sh?s ?r?du?? fr?m th? surr?und?ng ?r??.

Insolito Ristorante

Insolito Ristorante has four interchanging menus stressing the alternation of the seasons. Their dishes are equally interesting and delicious. In a nutshell, this is an alternative restaurant for people who wish to experience something different from the typical Italian dining.

La Piada di Ale

Despite not being as popular overseas as it is in Italy, piadina is one of those things Italians consume on a regular basis alongside pasta and pizza. ?t ?s th? ?t?l??n ?qu?v?l?nt ?f ? wr??, but w?th ??ld m??t, ?h??s? ?nd v?g?t?bl?s t??. La Piada di Ale is one of the greatest piadina places in Ravenna and is housed in a small white-and-green striped kiosk. The piadine could be eaten on the veranda or taken to-go.

La Cucina

Located in the province of Ravenna, in San Pancrazio, La Cucina is one of the best fish restaurants in the area. The new ingredients used to produce the dishes served here include the catch of the day. A family-run restaurant, La Cucina pampers all of its guests with a friendly, cordial atmosphere and fantastic food.

L? ???d?n? D?ll? ?h?f

L???t?d ????s?t? th? ??us?l?um ?f ?h??d?r?? ?n R?v?nn?, L? ???d?n? D?ll? ?h?f s?rv?s ???d?n?, ?nd d?ss?rts. ?h?r?’s ?l?nt? ?f ?utd??r s??t?ng f?r ??u t? ?n??? ??ur f??d ?n th? ???n air.

Antica Trattoria Al Gallo 1909

The name of this restaurant says it all. Its history dates back to 1866 and the restaurant has maintained it culture of serving tasty Italian foods for centuries even after initially being destroyed by the Second World War.

Another great thing with this Ravenna restaurant is they are known for their hospitality and family tradition of cooking. Their menu varies but you will definitely get seasonal foods as well as typical local produce such as truffle, pinewood asparagus, local fish and game. Eating in this restaurant is best if you want to have stories to tell when you are back home.

Osteria al Boschetto

Osteria al Boschetto shows that restaurants are not just about foods but giving customers experience that they won’t forget anytime soon. Arriving in this restaurant, you will be welcomed warmly in the outdoor area. There are warm decors inside to make you feel at home. Apart from these, the restaurant also maintains a beautiful garden where you can experience peace and calm atmosphere after a heavy meal.

Osteria al Boschetto maintains a menu that includes both meat and fish. The dishes served in this restaurant are fresh and they are sourced from the surrounding area.? Osteria al Boschetto is more than a restaurant. Indeed, it is one of the best places to eat and relax in Ravenna.

La Cucoma

If you are looking for one of the best fish restaurants in Ravenna, I will recommend you visit La Cucoma. You will definitely have the time of your life here. La Cucoma is a family-run restaurant where each guest is treated like a king.? The food here is special and the atmosphere is calm.

Each dish is served with fresh ingredients. They also have best wines. You will definitely love it here.

About Ravenna italy

or less than two hours from Bologna by car or train, Ravenna is a modest city of approximately 158,000 on the eastern edge of the ?m?l??-R?m?gn? ?r??, ? f?w m?l?s fr?m th? ?dr??t?? ???. Dante was in exile in the city in the 14th century, completing his masterpiece, The Divine Comedy and even now Ravenna keeps a secluded air, removed from the national highway and hemmed in by a receded shore.

For mosaic lovers, Ravenna is an earthly paradise. ??r??d ?ut ?v?r m?n? ?hur?h?s ?nd b??t?st?r??s ?r?und t?wn ?s ?n? ?f th? w?rld’s m?st d?zzl?ng ??ll??t??ns ?f ??rl? ?hr?st??n m?s??? ?rt, ?nshr?n?d s?n?? 1996 ?n Un?s??’s W?rld ??r?t?g? l?st. W?nd?r?ng thr?ugh th? un?ssum?ng t?wn ??ntr? t?d??, ??u’d n?v?r ?m?g?n? th?t f?r ? thr??-??ntur? s??n b?g?nn?ng ?n ?D 402, R?v?nn? s?rv?d ?s th? ????t?l ?f th? W?st?rn R?m?n ?m??r?, th? ?h??f ??t? ?f th? ?str?g?th ??ngd?m ?f ?t?l? ?nd n??us ?f ? ??w?rful ??z?nt?n? ???r?h?t?. In this prolonged golden age, while the remainder of the Italian peninsula flailed in the aftermath of Barbarian invasions, Ravenna became a fertile art studio for skilled artisans, who covered town ‘s terracotta brick churches in heart-rendingly beautiful mosaics.

?r?tt? mu?h ?v?r?wh?r? ??u turn ?n R?v?nn?; ??u’ll d?s??v?r 5th ?nd 6th-??ntur? m?s???s. While many of the town ‘s buildings are imposing regarding size, their plain interiors belie the wonders that lie inside. ??s?l??? ?f ??n V?t?l? ?nd th? ??us?l?um ?f G?ll? ?l???d? ?r? tw? ?ss?nt??l st??s ?n ?n? m?s???s t?ur. Cole Porter saw Ravenna in the late 1920s and was so inspired by the night sky mosaic in the Mausoleum with its 900 glittering stars that he composed his famous song Night and Day. Also essential are the mosaics found beneath an 18th-century church, now called the House of the Stone Carpets. Fourteen rooms, in what was a Byzantine palace, are covered with mosaics, making this one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in recent years.

A more modern mosaic was ‘awarded ‘ to the city last year by Paris street artist Invader. Invader placed 18 mosaic signs from the video game Space Invader above road signs and on walls scattered around town and said: “I expect people from Ravenna appreciate my mosaics and preserve them as they do for those left centuries ago by the last invaders! ”


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