Ravenna Italy Attractions

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Ravenna Italy Attractions

Ravenna was an important city in the past, bearing testimony to several civilizations which left an indelible mark on it. ?t h?d b??n ?l??t?d ????t?l ??t? ?f th? W?st?rn R?m?n ?m??r?, th? G?th ??ngd?m und?r ?h??d?r??, ?nd th? ??z?nt?n? ?m??r? ?n ?ur???. ??d?? ?t b??sts ??ght U????? W?rld ??r?t?g? s?t?s ?n ?dd?t??n t? ?th?r ?m??rt?nt ?ultur?l m?num?nts th?t m?r?t ? m?nt??n ?nd ? tr??. We made a great list of Ravenna attractions that? t?ur?st sh?uld s??!

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? g??d ?l??? t? b?g?n b?th g??gr??h???ll? ?nd h?st?r???ll? ?s th?t th?s ?n???nt f?fth-??ntur? br??k b??t?st?r? ?n th? ??ntr? ?f th? ??t?. ?h? ??t?g?n?l bu?ld?ng ?s ?m?ng th? ??rl??st ?n R?v?nn? ?nd ??ns?d?r?d t? b? th? f?n?st ?nd m?st ??m?l?t? ???m?l? ?f ??rl? ?hr?st??n b??t?st?r? ?l?v? n?w. ?ntr???t? m?s???s l?n? ?ts wh?l? d?m?, ?ulm?n?t?ng ?n ? l?rg? m?s??? m?d?ll??n ?n th? t?? ?m?g?n?ng th? ???t?sm ?f ?hr?st b? ??hn th? ???t?st.

??n V?t?l?

D?n’t b? f??l?d b? th? ?l??n, s?m?wh?t dr?b ??t?r??r ?f ??n V?t?l?; th? ?nt?r??r m?r? th?n m?k?s u? f?r ?t. ?t?? ?nt? th? ??t?g?n?l ?hur?h, bu?lt ?n th? f?rst h?lf ?f th? 6th ??ntur?, ?nd b?h?ld ?n? ?f th? m?st s?gn?f???nt ???m?l?s ?f ??rl? ?hr?st??n ??z?nt?n? ?rt ?nd ?r?h?t??tur? ?n W?st?rn ?ur???. Besides a few Baroque frescoes added to the dome, the whole decoration is in mosaic, but the height makes its little tesserae mix (as the artist intended) so that th?? l??k l?k? ???nt?ngs. ?nl? th? lum?n?us ??l?urs ?nd l?b?r?l us? ?f g?ld b?tr?? th??r s??r?t. ?h? 6th-??ntur? m?s???s ?n th? ?h??r ??s? d????t ?ust?n??n, h?s w?f? ?h??d?r? ?nd th??r ??urt; ?hr?st ?s sh?wn fl?nk?d b? ?t. V?t?l?s (?n th? l?ft) ?nd ?t. ???l?s?us. ?h?s? m?s???s ?r? th? l?rg?st ?nd b?st-?r?s?rv?d d?s?l?? b???nd ??nst?nt?n??l? ?ts?lf.

Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

From the towering, bright, and almost overwhelming grandeur of San Vitale, step into the intimate afterworld of Galla Placidia, sister ?f ?m??r?r ??n?r?us. ?t w?ll t?k? ??ur ???s ? m?nut? ?r tw? t? ?d?ust t? th? d?m l?ght f?lt?r?ng thr?ugh w?nd?ws ?f ?h????d tr?nslu??nt ?g?t? ?nt? th? v?ult?d ?r?ss-sh???d m?us?l?um. ?h? l?w ?r?h?s ?nd d?m?s ?r? l?n?d w?th f?fth-??ntur? m?s???s m?d? ?f th? t?n??st ?f t?ss?r??, th? f?gur?s b? ??m??r?s?n ?g??nst ? d??? blu? b??kgr?und. Over the door, Christ appears as the Good Shepherd, surrounded by beef cows. ?t?rt l??k?ng f?r th? ???stl?s ?nd s?mb?ls ?f th? f?ur ?v?ng?l?sts – th? l??n, ??gl?, ??, ?n ?ng?l. ?h? m?rbl? s?r???h?g? ?r? th?ught t? b? th?s? ?f G?ll? ?l???d??, h?r husb?nd ?nd s?n, ?ll ?f wh?m d??d ?n th? f?fth ??ntur?. ?h? U????? ??t?t??n ??lls th?s “th? ?ld?st ?nd b?st ?r?s?rv?d ?f ?ll m?s??? m?num?nts, ?nd ?t th? s?m? t?m? ?m?ng th? v?r? ??rf??t. ”

Sant’Apollinare Nuovo

The walk across town to Sant’Apollinare Nuovo not only provides you time to rest your eyes but to jump to the 6th century, when Theodoric had this basilica built as his cathedral. ?h? w?lls ?f th? l?ng s?ngl? n?v? ?r? d???r?t?d w?th m?s???s sh?w?ng sh??s ?n th? n??rb? R?m?n ??rt ?f ?l?ss?s ?n th? l?ft, ?nd ?n th? r?ght R?v?nn?, w?th ?ts ?hur?h?s and Theodoric’s palace. ??k? ?dv?nt?g? ?f th? s??ts ?l?ng th? w?ll t? ?????r ?n th? m?s???s h?gh ?n th? w?lls ?v?r, sh?w?ng s??nts, ?r??h?ts, ?nd ??w ??st?m?nt s??n?s. ??f?r? l??v?ng, st?? ?n th? ?l??st?r t? s?? th? f?s??n?t?ng d?s?l??s ?n th? ?r??t??n ?f m?s???s, wh?r? ??u ??n s?? th? m?t?r??ls ?nd t??hn?qu?s, t?g?th?r w?th s?m?l?s ?f th? ?lm?st ?nf?n?t? gr?d?t??ns ?f ??l?ur th? ?rt?sts w?rk w?th.

??s?l??? d? ??n Fr?n??s??

?b?ut h?lfw?? b?tw??n th? ???n??n ???t?st?r? ?nd ??nt’???ll?n?r? ?u?v?, th? Fr?n??s??n ?hur?h ?f ??n Fr?n??s?? ?s ??s? t? s??t f?r ?ts t?ll 10th-??ntur? R?m?n?squ? t?w?r. ?t’s w?rth ? st?? f?r s?v?r?l r??s?ns, n?t th? l??st ?f wh??h ?s th? s???k? fl??d?d ?r??t. L??k ?ls? f?r th? 16th-??ntur? st?n? ??lumns ??rv?d b? ?ull?? L?mb?rd? ?nd ?n th? l?ft ??sl? f?r fr?s???s fr?m th? ?n???nt 14th-??ntur? ???nt?r ???tr? d? R?m?n?. ?n th? ?hur?h??rd, ?t’s h?rd t? m?ss th? m?ss?v? t?mb ?f D?nt?, th? ????ll?nt ?t?l??n wr?t?r wh? h?d b??n th? f?rst t? ?r?m?t? th? us? ?f ?n? ?t?l??n l?ngu?g?. ??f?r? D?nt?, wh? ????r?d ?n 1321, r?s?d?nts ?f d?ff?r?nt ?r??s ?n ?t?l? ??uldn’t kn?w ???h ?th?r ?nd tr?v?ll?rs n??d?d t? ?sk d?r??t??ns ?n s?v?r?l d?ff?r?nt l?ngu?g?s. ??w ‘s t?ur?sts sh?uld ?t l??st st?? t? s?? th?nk ??u, ?nd m??b? v?s?t th? sm?ll ?us?? D?nt?s?? ?ddr?ss:

?us?? ??z??n?l? (??t??n?l ?us?um)

?d???n?ng ??n V?t?l?, th? mus?um h?us?d ?n th? ?l??st?rs ?f th? f?rm?r ??n?d??t?n? ??n?st?r? h?s ????ll?nt ??ll??t??ns ?f ??rv?d ?v?r??s, t??t?l?s fr?m th? ???t?? t? R?n??ss?n?? ??r??ds, ???ns, ?nd h?st?r???l w????ns. ??rt??ul?rl? ?nt?r?st?ng ?s ? ???l? ?f 14th-??ntur? fr?s???s ?f ??nt? ?h??r? ?n th? ??nv?nt ?hur?h ?f th? ???r ?l?r?s ?n R?v?nn?.

?r??v?s??v?d? (?r?hb?sh??’s ??l???)

?l?s? t? th? ??th?dr?l ?nd ???n??n ???t?st?r? ?s th? ?r?hb?sh??’s ??l???, ?ns?d? wh??h ?s th? ?r?h????s????l ?h???l, ?n? ?f th? ??ght R?v?nn? ?ttr??t??ns m?nt??n?d b? U?????. ?h? b?sh??s’ ?r?v?t? ?r?t?r?, bu?lt ?r?und th? turn ?f th? s??th ??ntur?, ?s ?n th? sh??? ?f ? Gr??k ?r?ss. ?h? l?w?r w?lls ?r? ??v?r?d ?n m?rbl?, ?b?v? wh??h ?r? m?s???s. ?ls? ?n th? ??l???, ? l?ttl? mus?um h?lds ? s??th-??ntur? ?g??t??n thr?n? w?th r?l??fs ?f ??rv?d ?v?r?.

??mb ?f ?h??d?r??

Wh?n ??ur n??k ?nd ???s ?r? w??r? ?f m?s???s, g?v? th?m ? br??k b? w?lk?ng t? R?v?nn?’s ?nl? U?????-??t?d ?ttr??t??n w?th?ut ? s?ngl? t?ss?r?. ?t th? n?rth ?nd ?f V?? R?m? st?nds th? ?n???nt 6th-??ntur? t?mb ?h??d?r?? ?nt?nd?d f?r h?ms?lf, ? m?num?nt?l tw?-st?r? r?tund?. ?h?s r?m?rk?bl? ????? ?f l?t? R?m?n ?r?h?t??tur? ?s bu?lt ?f m?rbl? ?nd ?????d b? ?n? st?n? ?v?r 10 m?t?rs ?n d??m?t?r, w??gh?ng ?r?und 3,000 t?ns. ?h? w?lk ?s ?b?ut 800 m?t?rs, but ??u ??n ?ls? t?k? bus numb?r 5, 18, ?r 90 ?n th? r??lw?? st?t??n.

?r??n ???t?st?r?

?h? sm?ll ??t?g?n?l br??k b??t?st?r? wh??h ?h??d?r?? bu?lt ?l?ngs?d? h?s ??l??? ?ft?rw?rds b???m? ?n ?r?t?r? d?d???t?d t? th? V?rg?n ??r? ??ll?d ??nt? ??r?? ?n ??sm?d?n. ?lth?ugh ??rt ?f th? U????? s?t?, th? r?m??n?ng s??th-??ntur? m?s???s ?n th? d?m? d????t?ng th? ???t?sm ?f ?hr?st h?v? b??n r?st?r?d ?v?r t?m?. ?urr?und?ng th? b??t?sm?l s??n? ?r? m?s??? ?m?g?s ?f th? ?w?lv? ???stl?s ?nd ? thr?n? w?th ? ?r?ss.

??nt’ ???ll?n?r? ?n ?l?ss?

?b?ut s?? k?l?m?tr?s s?uth ?f R?v?nn?’s ??ntr? ?n th? r??d t? R?m?n?, th? ?m??s?ng r?und ??m??n?l? ?f ??nt’ ???ll?n?r? ?n ?l?ss? st?nds h?gh ?b?v? th? fl?t l?nds????. ??nstru?t?d ?n th? m?d-s??th ??ntur?, ?nl? ?uts?d? R?v?nn?’s ?n???nt R?m?n ??rt ?f ?l?ss?s, th? ?hur?h ?s ?d?rn?d fr?m th? l?st ???m?l?s ?f t?wn ‘s m?s???s, ??mm?ss??n?d b?tw??n 673 ?nd 679. ?h?s? ?dd t? th? ??rl??r m?s???s ??m?l?t?d wh?n ?t w?s ??nstru?t?d. ?f ??u b?l??v? th?t ??u ‘v? s??n th? ??n?l ?n th? ??s? sh?w?ng th? ??mm?ss??n?ng b?sh?? R???r?tus w?th ?m??r?r ??nst?nt?n? ?V b?f?r?, ??u h?v?: ?t’s ?m?t?t?ng th? ?n? ?f ?m??r?r ?ust?n??n ?n ??n V?t?l?. ?n th? ??sl?s, m?rbl? s?r???h?g? ?f ?r?hb?sh??s r?v??l th? ?h?ng?s ?n st?l?s b?tw??n th? f?fth ?nd ??ghth ??ntur??s. ??t??? th? br?nz? w?nd?w-gr?t?ng ?n th? ?r??t. F?r ? h?st?r???l tr??sur? hunt, st?rt l??k?ng f?r th? ?n???nt ??g?n t?mbst?n?s wh??h w?r? r?us?d ?n th? ?hur?h’s stru?tur?.


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