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Welcome to the season of music and art? the Ravenna Festival. It is a musical and cultural event of an international level where you will find probably each and every genre of art, drama or dance? Jazz, Ballet, opera and much more.

Since centuries Italy has been known for its cultural heritage and artistic excellence.? Raveena, situated in northern Emilia-Romagna, bears the sign of this legacy. The entire city is studded with some precious gems of Romanian and Byzantines culture all around. But the most remarkable one is the Raveena festival for which the city is famous worldwide.

This article is solely dedicated to all the music and art lovers, and we have tried our best all the minute details of the Ravenna Festival for useful guidance. So let us begin.


When Is the Ravenna Festival:

In 1990, the journey of this history festival began with a series of cultural event founded by Maria Mazzavialani Multi. Since then, all the art and music lovers are celebrating this classical programme every year during the summer. However, the exact schedule changes a bit every year, but it the month of May to July, when is Ravenna Festival is observed. This year is no exception either as the Twenty-Ninth edition of the festival will start right from the first June. The Ravenna Festival has a tight schedule of 52 days which will come to an end in 22nd of July. Except for this one, another winter installment of the Ravenna Festival is coming soon. It has a10-day-long program having a schedule from 23rd November to 2nd December.

Ravenna Festival Tickets:

The Ravenna festival hosts a number of events with diverse themes, genres, and tastes. Some visitors were enjoying each and every event of the festival since past years and the management understands that they deserve a discounted price. On the other hand, some of the spectators are fond of specific events and that is they have come up with two different types of Ravenna Festival Tickets ? season tickets and block of tickets.

Those who have the season tickets of the previous year can renew them with a final payment of 10Euroso. The timeline of this special subscription is limited from 18th December to 3rd February. If you want to purchase a new season ticket, you can avail it from Alighieri Theater from 8th February.

The block of Ravenna Festival tickets is available in three different categories which have passed to 4, 6 and 8 events respectively. To make the process more convenient, buyers can choose any event enlisted in the schedule of the Ravenna Festival as per their choice. The block ticket holders of the previous season can purchase new tickets from 8th February. However, fresh Ravenna Festival tickets will be issued from the 8th of March.

More importantly, when you are attending the? Festival, make sure, you have the necessary force of mind to handle it. The history suggests that, when you are good at something, never serve it for free. But the Ravenna Festival will make this concept wrong and welcome you for an unbelievable experience of your life.

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