Flights to Ravenna

Let’s start with the quick answer, there is no airport in Ravenna. You need to fly to Bologna or Rimini and then take Bus, train or Taxi if you want to flight to Ravenna.

Ravenna is the capital city of the Ravenna province of Italy. The province is located in the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. The city is not as well known as some of the other Italy’s iconic hallmarks but is still home to some historic architecture; basilicas, museums, cathedrals, churches interspersed with fascinating mosaics.
The architectural set pieces and other monuments including the tomb of the famed poet Dante Alighieri attracts a wide

variety of tourists from all over to the world to Ravenna every year.
The city was founded thousands of years ago by the Roman empire and since then has seen many ups and downs. Its seaport is considered to be one of the top ports in all of Europe. Although it is an inland city, a twelve-kilometer canal connects it to the sea where the port is built with terminals for cargo shipyards, passenger ferries, and cruises.
If you’re looking to travel to Italy, don’t miss out on a chance to transverse Ravenna’s adorned landscape. Here are a few things you need to know about flight bookings to Ravenna.


Flight to Ravenna and Flying to Ravenna, in general, might not be very cheap so it’s best to do your homework beforehand. A lot of flight deals come with packages for nearby hotels where you can stay for a few days while your tour the city. This allows you to forego the headache of finding a hotel yourself. We made a great guide that will help you to choose the best hotel in Ravenna.
The closest international airport near Ravenna is in Rimini, Italy; sixty-nine kilometers from the Ravenna’s center. The airport in Ravenna is a local one only. The majority of flights fly to the city of Bologna which has one of the busiest airports. It is about eighty kilometers from the city of Ravenna.
About twenty kilometers from Ravenna is the town of Forli’ which also contains an airport that hosts domestic flights and therefore is a convenient way to reach the city.
You can find here great flights to Bologna or Rimini and contact one of these taxi drivers that will get you safely to Ravenna. They will also be able to suggest routes that will minimize expenses and provide the best travel experience.


Flying is definitely the best option to reach the vicinity but traveling within the locality may require other means. Tourists love to use the train station in Ravenna between to and that takes them from Rimini and Bologna.
A bus service is also available between adjoining towns and can be a convenient yet wonderful traveling experience.
Unfortunately, the cruise lines are not directly linking to Ravenna but rather to the nearby Porto Corsini. Porto Corsini is a rather barren landscape with not a lot of tourist attractions.
Of course, if you’re traveling within city limits, using your own vehicle might be the best option. Be sure to get a map as the roads can be tricky to navigate at times.W e made an article about the benefits of traveling by car in Ravenna here

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