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B & B Hotel is one of the famous hotels among all the highest rated hotels in Ravenna, Italy. It is famous or well known for its accommodation, its facilities, and its service at an economical price. It is situated at Viale Della Lirica, 14148124, Ravenna, Italy.



The hotel?s main address is Viale Della Lirica, 14148124, Ravenna, Italy. The main highway passing beside the hotel is A14 Bologna, Taranto motorway. From there Ravenna railway station is 4 km away. From the airport, the city service buses and cabs are available to take into the hotel.



The hotel reception is active from 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. If anyone enters between this time, he can get a facility of personal receptionist, who will help him to complete all the formalities. For booking room, one can get a password as the room key.



The conditions of the places are luxurious, made with Italian marvel and entirely central air-conditioned. The bathroom is large, and a shower with bath-tub is available with hot and cold water. There one can get the connection of high-speed Wi-Fi, and every room has a flat 32-inch television with sky TV. The outside view from the balcony is lovely.

The rate is so economical that all the facilities one can get at 50 Euros (per night) as payable. The hotel allows keeping your pet at just a cost of 5 Euros.



  • There is a free parking in the Hotel yard under 24*7 CCTV surveillance.
  • Total Hotel is Central-Air-conditioned.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available while booking the room.
  • Room Service is available at a phone call to reception.
  • The wheelchair can be accessed in the hotel room.
  • The cafeteria food or the breakfast to dinner is available to your room on your order.



  • No swimming pool is available.
  • Totally no smoking zone.
  • No bar is available.
  • No spa is available.
  • No fitness center with a gym is available.



  • Pizza is famous of ?LA PIADA DI ALLE.?
  • Sushi is famous for ?AZUKI SUSHI.?
  • Italian Pasta and noodles are famous for ?OTTONOVE.?
  • Sea recopies as prawn preparations are famous for ?BRIGANTINO.?



  • The fort ?Battistero Neoniano? fort is situated at a near distance.
  • The ?Domus dei Tappeti Di Pietra? museum is situated at a very little distance.
  • The ?Basilica di San Francesco, Ravenna? church is situated at a little distance.
  • The ?Archiepiscopal Museum? is a well-known museum situated at a little distance.


Moreover, the hotel is entirely at the economical rate so that many ordinary people can afford the tariff. The hotel is suitable for leisure, business meeting, short living. For that reason, Hotel B & B is an adequate hotel to live in Ravenna.





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