Palazzo Bezzi – The Best Romantic hotel in Ravenna

Palazzo Bezzi is another centrally located hotel in the heart of Ravenna. What made this place special is that it is just a very short distance (walk) from the important Byzantine mosaics in the city and his amazing facilities and atmosphere that make this hotel so Romantic. Palazzo Bezzi embodies a true definition of a luxurious hotel. It features soundproofed rooms, a wellness center, a sun terrace, and even a free gym.   There are free Wi-Fi, large LED TVs, and free air conditioning. You can go down to the breakfast room every morning to enjoy a sweet and savory buffet or you simply wait for the meal to be brought to your private room. You can relieve stress in Palazzo Bezzi’s sauna and sensory shower, unwind in the spa’s Turkish bath or find a friend that you will swim with at Punta Marina beach. This beach is just 10km away. The hotel is also close to the Ravenna Train station, it is not more than a 10-minute walk. Palazzo Bezzi is indeed, one of the best places to enjoy your stay in Ravenna.

The resort is only 130yd from Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, one of Ravenna’s major sites for mosaics, and 250yd from town ‘s art museum, MAR, while the other sights and piazzas of the historic center are a stroll of about 10 minutes. Roadside parking outside the hotel is affordable, and there are a few free car parks around a quarter of a mile away as well as a supervised garage costing18 16) реr 24-hоurs nеаrbу. Тhе сhаnnеl іs а 10-mіnutе wаlk.The 18th-century palazzo which houses the hotel has an elegant, linear, pale-cream faade with conventional light-grey shutters and an air of simple refinement which continues on the inside with contemporary decor. A neutral off-white and beige color-scheme in both the rooms and the shared areas are heated up by clever lighting.Тhе rесерtіоn аnd lоungе аrеа іs mаdе сhаrасtеrful bу аntіquе іtеms lіkе аn еаrlу 20th-сеnturу соllесtіоn оf frаmеd drіеd flоwеrs аnd іnlаіd tаblеs, whіlе thе соntеmроrаrу garden and roof terrace furnishings are at once comfortable and stylish. The hotel’s small exercise room can be accessed (free) at any time, while the health suite, including a sauna, steam room, and colour-therapy shower, can be reserved in advance at15 13) for 30 minutes, or25 22) for one hour, per booking; there’s also a large room for massages and treatments. The spacious internal garden is a great place to relax in summer though it lacks seating from the season. The panoramic roof terrace has a collection of loungers and a couple of refreshing showers for hot summer days. Reception staff is available 24 hours a day for local advice and bookings as well as bar or room service, and a computer is available for guests’ use.

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