Ravenna Port

RAVENNA PORT Ravenna is an inland city in Northern Italy, currently the capital of the province of Ravenna. It used to serve as the capital of the Byzantine empire for a long period of time and thus is richly populated with historic architecture and artwork pertaining to that era. The Basilicas, cathedrals. museums and monuments …

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Where is Ravenna Italy

Though Ravenna was the capital of old Byzantine Empire of Italy in the 5th century AD, today it still rocks the mind of the visitors and tourists from all over the world by its amazing historic relic. So when thinking of where is Ravenna Italy, it’s now very clear today. It’s in the northeastern Italy, …

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Ravenna italy

The beautiful city of Ravenna is situated in the province of Emilia Romagna in the northern part of Italy. Being a rich a cultural and architectural hub of Italy since the middle age, it has become of the most tourist destination as well. Its legacy of glory and tradition has all started in the 3rd …

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