Car Rental Ravenna

Car rental Ravenna Italy

In this article, I will try to cover the car rental option for tourists, so those of you who ask should I rent a car in Ravenna, rental cars in Ravenna prices and car rental Ravenna benefits will find here a great answer for your questions.

Let’s start with the quick answer: You can travel Ravenna without renting a car, but if you stay for a couple of days and have some days in the area, renting a car in Ravenna would definitely help you and make your life easier.

The only way to get around the city is to drive a vehicle. Indeed, it could be a little inconvenient for you to travel from one point to another if you don’t own a car. While you can always use the public transportation, it could be rather unreliable sometimes. But don’t worry. There are car rental companies in Ravenna that can help you with your traveling needs at any time you may need them.

A trip to another city or a favorite local tourist destination is the perfect way to spend the holiday. If you’re planning a vacation during a major holiday like Christmas, try to consider hiring a car for you and your family’s use. The benefits of a rental car in Ravenna:

1. It’s highly convenient.
Some leasing companies even include a motorist with each car rented. Imagine yourself with a chauffeur driving you to your destination and waiting for you to drive back home. In this manner, parking becomes the least of your worries.

2. Little to no traffic.
Even if you must drive the car by yourself, you’ll benefit from hiring a car because you can take the shorter route to your destination. Being in the driver seat, you’re in complete control. This is the exact reverse of having to ride the bus, which has to keep to its path regardless of how jammed the streets are. Holiday seasons congest the roads a lot, especially if it’s a major occasion that calls for some celebration.

3. You’ll have parking spots(but less on holidays..)

In most of the places in Ravenna, you can park your car, some of them are free.

4. Fewer worries.

Саrs fоr hіrе аrе mоstlу wеll-mаіntаіnеd. Тhіs іs еsресіаllу truе fоr thе оnеs hіrеd bу rерutаblе lеаsіng соmраnіеs. For those who have planned your holiday spree abruptly, you might have missed checking on your car’s condition. If this is true, you’re better off using a leased car since it wouldn’t break down on you at all.

5. Better travel experience.
Traveling in your car is a lot more comfortable than riding the train or bus. You can stop at any time in the event you will need to grab something. You get to run at the speed that you prefer. You can see all the scenery before you, which is ideal if you’re driving to a beach or a similar destination. Overall, your travel experience will be a lot better in a hired car compared to travel in public transportation.

6. For families with Children’s

If you come to Ravenna with children you need the ability to be mobile, then you can take them to the beach or to Mirabilandia Park

In conclusion, You can for sure have a great time in Ravenna without a car, but if you want to have a super great and convenient experience you should rent a car in Ravenna and have an amazing experience, especially if you come with your children.

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Car Rental Ravenna


Ravenna italy weather

Best season to travel to Ravenna, Italy and how Ravenna’s weather can influence your vacation?

We know that a lot of your concern about the weather in Ravenna before you plan the trip, so let’s start with the quick answer:
The region experiences moderate weather by European standards but overall Ravenna weather is relatively moderate throughout the year with occasional bursts of excessive cold a few times of the year but not much else. Even in the hottest months, the temperate barely exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. You can find a weather forecast in the bottom of the page for the next couple of days. (Ravenna weather)


If you’re not a fan of humidity and looking for the driest time of the year to visit Ravenna, then January or July are your best bets as statistics have shown that those two months have the lowest chance of experiencing precipitation.


The winter seasons from November to January experience some of highest humidity while June and July have some of the lowest.


Not everybody has the same temperament for crowds. Some people revel in them while others wish for a quieter, calmer atmosphere. There is usually an overabundance of visitors during the months of April and May due to the mild climate of spring.
If Spring is too crowded for you and July too hot, you always have early autumn to look forward too. A relatively serene time of the year for planning a trip; maybe a honeymoon. Although October is prone to heavy showers of rainfall that may become a nuisance and potentially limit your movement.
Visiting in less crowded months allow you to book hotels at much cheaper prices as customers are scarce for those establishments at that time.
In summer, however, there is a lot more you can do with your time. The city is littered with historic sites that can occupy you for a long time. The architecture and artwork are on par with cities like Florence and Rome.

Luckily Ravenna’s weather is not bad at all during the summer in general.

Weather for tourists

If you’re an aspiring traveler of tourist, it is likely that you have added Italy to your bucket list. And you might have heard of the artistic appeal of Florence, the canal city; Venice or the sprawling architectural brilliance of Rome but other than that you may not know of much more.
There is a lot more to Italy than that. Ravenna currently serves as the Capital City of the Ravenna Province of Northern Italy. It has a rich, colorful and somewhat bloody history to speak of from the time when it was the Capital of the Western Roman Empire until its fateful collapse.
Ravenna is home to some of the best architectural masterpieces from the Roman era like the Basilica of San Vitale and Mausoleum of Theoderic. A city vibrating with colorful mosaic art and connected to the Adriatic Sea via the Candiano Canal.

Ravenna weather

To be added

Ravenna Festival

If you’re a fan of classical music and opera, do not miss out on the long-running Ravenna festival held each summer in June and July.
The weather in Ravenna, Italy, may get very hot in midsummer but it’s never too extreme unless you have a very low heat tolerance.
Overall it’s a fine tourist destination throughout the year; not too expensive, very safe, and littered with chic and fancy restaurants, diners, eateries, roadside cafes and other venues for Italian cuisine


Flights to Ravenna

Let’s start with the quick answer, there is no airport in Ravenna. You need to fly to Bologna, Venice or to Rimini’s airport-  and then take Bus, train or Taxi if you want to flight to Ravenna.

How to get to Ravenna by flight:

You have 3 option if you want to come by plane. You should choose depends on your travel.

Bologna to Ravenna,Venice to Ravenna and Rimini to Ravenna.

Bologna to Ravenna, the most recommended path

The first one and the most popular line is the line between Ravenna and Bologna.  There is a lot of flights on this line and there is a shuttle between Bologna’s airport to the center of Ravenna.

Shuttle C.RA.B is the shuttle bus service connecting Bologna Airport with Ravenna and Cervia. The Shuttle works from 29th March to 7th October 2018.  The price of the shuttle is approximately 25 Euros. 

Actually, you bologna to Ravenna line is super popular and you can get to Ravenna by car train or bus from there.

Useful links:

Bologna airport

Shuttle C.RA.B

Venice to Ravenna

Venice is only 2 and a half hours from Ravenna, you can land there and take a train to Ravenna’s station.Flight to ravenna italy and the best way to get to Ravenna italy


How to choose the best flight to Ravenna:

Flight to Ravenna and Flying to Ravenna, in general, might not be very cheap so it’s best to do your homework beforehand. A lot of flight deals come with packages for nearby hotels where you can stay for a few days while your tour the city. This allows you to forego the headache of finding a hotel yourself. We made a great guide that will help you to choose the best hotel in Ravenna.
The closest international airport near Ravenna is in Rimini, Italy; sixty-nine kilometers from the Ravenna’s center. The airport in Ravenna is a local one only. The majority of flights fly to the city of Bologna which has one of the busiest airports. It is about eighty kilometers from the city of Ravenna.
About twenty kilometers from Ravenna is the town of Forli’ which also contains an airport that hosts domestic flights and therefore is a convenient way to reach the city.
You can find here great flights to Bologna or Rimini and contact one of these taxi drivers that will get you safely to Ravenna. They will also be able to suggest routes that will minimize expenses and provide the best travel experience.


Flying is definitely the best option to reach the vicinity but traveling within the locality may require other means. Tourists love to use the train station in Ravenna between to and that takes them from Rimini and Bologna.
A bus service is also available between adjoining towns and can be a convenient yet wonderful traveling experience.
Unfortunately, the cruise lines are not directly linking to Ravenna but rather to the nearby Porto Corsini. Porto Corsini is a rather barren landscape with not a lot of tourist attractions.
Of course, if you’re traveling within city limits, using your own vehicle might be the best option. Be sure to get a map as the roads can be tricky to navigate at times.W e made an article about the benefits of traveling by car in Ravenna here

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