Albergo Cappello Hotel

Albergo Cappello hotel.3 stars, highly recommended for couples.

  1. LocationLocation: Via 4 Novembre 41, 48121 Ravenna, Italy – 9.1 A 5-minute walk from San Vitale Basilica and the Galla Placidia Mausoleum. Ravenna Train Station is 700 m away.
  2. Amenities – Non-smoking Rooms Airport Shuttle Restaurant Parking Pet-Friendly Free WiFi Bar Great Breakfast
  3. Restaurants/Foods-
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3 stars, highly recommended for couples.

This hotel offers a great location in affordable price and authentic experience for couples, the rooms are classic-style décor that adds amazing atmosphere.

Restaurants – Thanks to the active restaurants you can have a great meal in the hotel but you also located in the best location in Ravenna so you can also go outside and enjoy from Ravenna’s food scene.  

Why do we like this hotel?

The best location, and great affordable price.

More info:

The resort is right at the center of Ravenna’s compact old town and, although it’s a pedestrianized, restricted traffic zone, guests have access on arrival and departure. There are numerous discounted parking options nearby, including a supervised car park 1311 per day). The station is 10 minutes on foot.

Тhе раlаzzо wаs buіlt іn 1468, durіng Rаvеnnа’s Vеnеtіаn реrіоd tо сеlеbrаtе а nоbіlіtу wеddіng, аnd trаnsfоrmеd іntо а hоtеl аnd rеstаurаnt іn 1885. Моrе rесеnt rеstоrаtіоn hаs dіsсоvеrеd оrіgіnаl 15th-сеnturу frеsсоеs оn thе сеіlіngs оf thе fіrst-flооr drаwіng rооms аnd twо bеdrооms whісh, tоgеthеr wіth Vеnеtіаn chandeliers, give an authentic and aristocratic feel to the place.

Downstairs, the reception area is flanked with a characterful wine bar (attractive deep-red and dark-wood decor, with a wide choice of wines on screen ) which is the actual focus of this ground floor and the tomato-hued restaurant. Both the shared spaces and bedrooms have mostly wooden furnishings including a few antiques and windows throughout are wrapped with elegant drapes.

The friendly and helpful reception staff, on duty from 7 am to midnight, are keen to give interesting insights into the history of the building as well as local advice. There’s ample space to relax in the first-floor drawing rooms where there’s a computer for guests use and a large choice of glossy art books. The top floor was made into a contemporary conference hall seats up to 100, with a wooden ceiling made to resemble an inverted vessel; while the first-floor pink drawing room is ideal for smaller events. Bicycles are available (free).

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