All you need to know Ravenna

Ravenna is one of the best places in Italy to explore its history. The city is over 1500 years old. It was a cultural and economic hub in the 5th and 6th century. You would be able to still notice the brilliant architecture of those times. If you want to move away from the tried and tested tourist cities, Ravenna is one of the perfect options for you which would help you in exploring the corner of Italy.

Ravenna is located in the Emilia-Romagna region. The Mosaics in the town have been awarded the UNESCO world Heritage site status. Normally, you would not find this city on the usual tourist circuit and it is only frequented by tourists who want to actually explore the history of Italy. This, however, means that it is a hidden treasure if you want to move away from the crowds and if you want to get the local feel as you would be able to easily interact with the locals. The locals are very friendly which would ensure that you are able to easily explore the culture and way of life in Italy. The town is best to explore early in the morning when there are absolutely no tourists around. Most of the tourists to arrive in this town, stick to a couple of main attractions and do not really explore the town.

We would discuss the entire details of the town right from the weather to the tourist attractions which you should visit in order to help you out in exploring this beautiful town.

Weather in Ravenna:

The weather in Ravenna would be peaking in temperatures around July and August. These are the months when there is also maximum humidity and the maximum chances of rain.

During the months of January to May, the temperature would hover anywhere between 40°F to 70°F. Similarly, after the month of August, the temperatures or you can start falling from 75°F to 40°F.

Thus, leaving the 2 months of July and August, for most of the months the temperatures here are pretty comfortable and you would not have to worry about rain as well.

Best time to visit:

When you’re visiting Ravenna, it is important to avoid the monsoon months of July and August.

If you need temperatures to be a bit on the warmer side, September is the perfect option for you.

If you’re looking for slightly colder temperatures, April and May are good enough option is for you.

You need to keep in mind that Ravenna is not on the tourist’s track and therefore, the crowds are always less.

If you want to enjoy the local Ravenna Festival, you can visit at the end of June. The festival is conducted from mid-June to mid-July. A lot of local events are also held during this festival.

Getting to Ravenna:

Ravenna is well connected from different cities around the country.

We would highlight the different options which you have in order to reach the city.

Traveling by car:
You can pick the road on A14. Once you’re on A14, you have to take the A14D. The road would end a few kilometers before Ravenna and thereafter you have to follow the sign boards in order to reach the town.

It is also a good idea to have a map,even when you’re going by road.

Traveling by train:
Ravenna is well connected by trains with Bologna and Rimini. However, the time which trains take is often more.

Traveling by Bus:
If you’re looking for a more affordable means of transport, you can easily catch a bus from any of the bigger towns in Italy. At the most, it would be costing you around € 10. However, the bus services are not punctual.

Traveling by plane:
If you’re looking at the nearest airport, it is in the town of Forli which is served by Ryanair. If you’re looking for some of the full-service airlines through which you can get to Ravenna, then you would have to take a flight to Bologna which is at a distance of 80 km from Ravenna. However, these full-service carriers are actually pretty expensive.

Traveling by cruise ship:
Not each and every Mediterranean cruise would be stopping by Ravenna. However, there are few which would drop you at Porto Corsini for a day which is 15 km apart from the city. Most of the cruise liners would be offering you some kind of transportation to the city. This would ensure that you would be able to easily explore the city.

If you’re looking for local guides also, it can be a good idea to book one in advance.

Oftentimes, the tours are included along with:

-San Marino

Tourist attractions in Ravenna:
This town has a lot of tourist attractions which you can visit.

We would go into some of the tourist attractions which you should definitely not miss.

1. Piazza Del Popolo:
It is located in the heart of the town and is lined up with historic buildings which you can easily explore. It has a town hall which was originally built in the 15th century.

If you want to explore the history of Ravenna, you have to explore the Mosaics. The mosaics, as well as the churches, have attained a status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 5 mosaics which are most famous can be easily visited on a combined entry ticket which would cost you around 9 euros.

2. Basilica di San Vitale:
If you were to pick a single best attraction of Ravenna which can represent the entire city this one would be it. Over the years, the state has almost become synonymous with Ravenna. The exterior itself is pretty brilliantly done with the help of marble work as well mosaics.

The construction of the church is clear depictions of Empress Theodora as well as Emperor Justinian along with other Royals.

You need to, however, keep in mind that when you’re visiting the site, you have to visit it on any other day than Sunday. It is closed for tourists on Sunday.

3. Mausoleo di Galla Placidia:
It is actually a tomb of a lady known by the name of Galla Placidia. It is, in fact, pretty tiny.

The only reason this building was constructed is because she was close to the European Royals.

The carving inside as well as the architecture is pretty beautiful.

When you try to get inside, make sure that there is no other tourist group inside otherwise it can get pretty cramped.

4. Battistero Neoniano:
The interior of this baptistery is decorated with mosaics and carving of the 5th century. It has been renovated over the years.

The shape of the building is octagonal. The marble work of that time is clearly visible in the building.

5. Cappella Arcivescovile:
It is a 6th-century chapel which has been recently renovated.

6. Mausoleo di Teodorico:
This tomb is at the end of the UNESCO world Heritage site.

It is the tomb of Theodoric and was constructed around 520 AD.

The unique thing about this building is that the entire top of the building is constructed from a single stone.

The upper floors are also easily accessible.

However, this building is away from the city center and that is why you would have to travel in the opposite way as compared to the other tourist attractions.

7. MAR:
If you want to explore the art in Italy, this is one of the best art galleries which you can visit in town.

Instead of just having a temporary collection, it also has a pretty vast permanent collection.

These are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. In addition to that, if you’re looking at other museums as well as churches, there are plenty of them.

Visiting the tourist attractions:
The tourist attractions in the city are open long hours during the day. Most of them have the same opening and closing times.

If you want to explore the city to the maximum, it is a good idea to devote 2 days at least to the city.

Eating in the city:
if you’re looking at a restaurant and cafes in the city, there are not a lot of options.

Some of the prominent options which you can visit are:

-Ristorante La Gardela
-Bars in Piazza del Popolo
-Sorbetteria Degli Esarchi Ice Cream Store
-Restaurant in Albergo Cappello

These are some of the prominent options which you have in the city in order to have delicious meals.

Accommodation options in Ravenna:
if you’re looking at the best hotels in Ravenna, you would find quite a few options like:

-Palazzo Galletti Abbiosi
-Hotel Diana
-Hotel Cube

Apart from these also, there are quite a few accommodation options. You would be able to find accommodation options ranging across a variety of budgets. That is why, if you’re able to book in advance, you would be able to get the accommodation options in your budget quite easily.

Getting around in Ravenna:
One of the best things about the city is that you can easily walk around the city. It is basically a walker’s paradise. Each and everything is nearby.

If you’re going to some of the tourist destinations which are outside the city, you can easily rent cars.

However, you have to keep in mind that in some of the areas, cars are not allowed. You have to find out about this in advance.

Another problem which you would have in renting the cars is that finding the parking would be very difficult. Even if you’re finding the parking, it can be expensive at € 2.5 per hour. That is why, unless and until you’re not having an extreme necessity of renting a car, you should just explore the destinations nearby as they are at a walkable distance.

Cities around Ravenna:
If you’re looking to explore a couple of cities around Ravenna, then you can explore the following two cities which we would be highlighting.

1. Bologna: The city is at a distance of 80 km and is a pretty famous city in the tourist circuit. There are plenty of places which allow you to explore the city. The only problem is that when you’re taking a train to the city, it can often take a pretty long period of time as the trains are pretty slow.

2. Ferrara: If you further want to explore the culture of Italy, this is another option which you have got. Around the city, you would be able to find even smaller towns in the vicinity. A single day trip would help you in covering the entire city. Moreover, it is closer to the Adriatic coast. That is why you would be able to find plenty of seaside resorts to relax. If you’re looking for the seaside resort, Rimini is a quite good option. If you’re looking for a seaside resort in Ravenna itself, you can visit the Marina di Ravenna. You can easily explore the town with the help of a bicycle. The town is pretty quiet and therefore, exploring it becomes much easier for you.

Wine tasting around Ravenna:
The region around Ravenna, consist of a lot of vineyards. If you look at the two most famous wines of the region, you would be able to come across, Centesimino and Uva Longanesi. They are normally used by the local citizens. They are not widely known all over the world. In order to taste the wine, you can head to the winery in Bertinoro with the name of Paradiso. You would be able to explore the local made wine when you’re at this place.

So, even though Ravenna might not be one of the biggest cities in Italy but if you want to explore the culture as well as the history of Italy, it is one of the best cities to visit. Moreover, it is not as expensive as the other cities in Italy and you can easily cover it in a couple of days.

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